Our Bakery at Dulverton is temporarily closed, however our second bakery and shop at Carnarvon Stores, Brushford is fully functional.

Visit us there for all our fantastic products and more


Meet the team

Today the team consist of Zana, Jax, Michelle, Carol, Sarah, Wendy and our newest recruit, Sally.

All of us share a passion for the quality and contents of the food we produce,  everything is made by hand in small batches in our Bakery in Dulverton.  So if you notice slight variations its because it was made by a different person with a slightly different technique

The business was started by Zana's sister and Mum 25 years ago, baking celebration cakes, hence the name, today we make more more than cakes, our best selling pies and pasties, quiches and much much more.

We aim to continue the tradition of good quality, locally sourced food long into the future.